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Plastic Bread Bags

Recycle and Reuse your plastic bread bags a second or third time before disposing of them. By doing small things every day to recycle and reuse what we already have, can be great Money Savings Ideas as well.

When you finish the last piece of bread, shake out the crumbs in your garbage can, garbage disposal or composting pile and save the bag.  Or you can also wash them, if need be.

Here are just a few ways to recycle and reuse plastic bread bags:

  • Pour in your favorite coating for meat, potatoes, vegetables, etc., shake your food item and throw the plastic bread bag away when you are done.  No messy clean up! 
    Recycle Plastic Bags
  • If you don't have access to your compost pile on a regular basis; grind or cut up your kitchen scraps, place them in a bread bag and freeze until you can toss them in your compost.
  • Baking homemade bread or rolls?  After they have cooled, place your baked goods in your plastic bread bags to be reused and recycled many times.
  • You have a leftover ham, beef, chicken or turkey bone and don't have time to cook it up for broth or your favorite soup?  Place the bone in a bread bag and freeze until you have time to cook.
  • Store extra parts/pieces for your bike, lawn mower, plumbing or light fixtures, etc., label the bag and store for later use.
  • Place broken glass pieces in the bag to keep them together and reduce the chance of injury, before disposing in your garbage can.
  • Cleaning up an oily spill or maybe a tipped over can of paint?   Use old rags to wipe up and place them in a left over plastic bread bag before disposing of in your garbage can.  This will keep the liquid from running all over inside your garbage can.
  • Insert your hand into a plastic bread bag(s) to keep your hand(s) clean for any type of a dirty mess that needs to be cleaned up and then toss the bag(s) in the garbage.
  • Carry a few in your vehicle in case someone gets motion sickness, as a trash bag or you stop at a friends place and they happen to give you a transplant for your flower garden.
  • Taking your pet for a walk?  Carry a plastic bread bag with to clean up after them and through the bag after your walk.
  • None of these ideas work for you?  Save your plastic bags and donate them to a local vendor that recycles plastic bags, so they will be recycled and reused in another form.

Money Savings Tips that help to make our world a better place to live!

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