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Soaking Solution for Boils

Looking for an inexpensive, but effective soaking solution for boils?   Using Fels-Naptha bar soap to assist in getting rid of a boil is one of those great home remedies.

This is a passed down home remedy from my father's side of the family for the home treatment of boils.  For any of you that are bothered by boils from time to time, you will appreciate this home remedy solution.

Place a bar of Fels-Naptha soap in a saucer of water.

How to get rid of a Boil

Leave the soap in the water for a couple of hours until the water turns yellowish and the soap has begun to soften.


Scrape off the softened area on the bottom with a butter knife or a tool of your choice.

Boil and Pus

Add enough sugar to make a paste. 

Home Treatment of Boils

Place the mixture on a Band-Aid or a sterile piece of gauze that will totally cover the boil area.  Apply to the affected area. 

Treating Boils

The paste helps to ripen the boil so it will burst on its own and allow the pus to drain.    Reapply, if needed, until gone.  This works great for the treatment of boils and giving you clear skin again, in the affected area.



Fels-Naptha is a brand of bar laundry soap used for pre-treating stains on clothing and as a home remedy for exposure to poison ivy and other skin irritants. Fels-Naptha is manufactured by and is a trademark of the Dial Corporation. 

The soap comes packaged in paper similar to bar body soap and is most often found in the laundry section of a supermarket or grocery store. It is used in the pre-treatment of stains by rubbing the dampened product on a soiled area prior to laundering, and is claimed by the manufacturer to be most effective in removing chocolate, baby formula, perspiration, and make-up.

I place this information on my site for those of you that are not familiar with this product, and if you need to do some research on where to purchase it in your area.  Fels-Naptha soap has other uses, so have fun exploring multiple uses to make your life easier!!

NOTE:  Please read the wrapper label information on the outside of the soap for proper use of Fels-Naptha soap.

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# Juli
Saturday, June 13, 2015 1:20 PM
I just used the Fels Naptha and sugar poultice on a place on my back that was hard and draining. I left it on over night and this morning the area was much softer and less painful. I will re-apply until the whole area is healed. I have recommended to others in the past.

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