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Glass Replacement for a Frame or Clock

Here is an inexpensive way to replace the broken glass from a frame or clock, and reuse left over materials from another project.  These easy money saving tips for glass replacement are a great way to recycle and reuse what you already have.


So you have a picture frame where the glass broke and you haven't had the time or money to replace it.  Use your leftover plastic from the kit you used to seal up your windows or doors from the winter cold.   Use it for any of the following projects.


Glass Replacement

Frame a favorite drawing your child or grandchild created.










Clock Glass Replacement

Here a friend of mine used the plastic on an outdoor clock where the glass had broken.  It is covered above by the overhang from their garage, and has stayed intact through two Minnesota winter seasons and is still ticking.








Repair ToolsHere are the tools I used for the picture frame I installed plastic in.  I measured the frame and cut a piece of plastic a few inches larger on all sides.  The double sided tape that came with my kit was too wide for the frame lip, so I placed it on a cutting mat and used my rotary cutter to cut in half lengthwise (a scissors would also work, if you don't have the mat).








Frame Repair

I stuck one side of the tape to the lip of the frame and then removed the exposed side of the tape and stretched the plastic as tight as I could around all 4 sides.









Replacement Glass










Plastic Repair

Using a blow dryer, I followed the directions on the film package to secure the plastic.  When ripples and gaps were gone, I trimmed the plastic and inserted a drawing for display.








I also used a leftover piece to cover my mother-in-law's wall air conditioner in her apartment this past winter.  Her cover didn't fit securely and was letting in cold air.  This kept the cold air out and she was warm all winter season.


How to Protect Framed Tapestry

How to Protect Framed TapestryYou framed a needlepoint or tapestry piece that you made and want to keep dirt and moisture from entering the back of your frame!  Set your frame flat on a level and sturdy surface.  Make sure there are no sharp pieces or edges on the back of your frame or the back of the item you are framing.

Protecting Framed TapestryStart to unroll the double sided tape from the kit evenly around the back side of your frame.  Overlap a little on each corner and leave opening for your hanger area.  If the tape is wider than the width of your frame, just cut the tape in half before installing.

Protecting Framed NeedlepointCut a piece of plastic slightly larger than your frame and lay it out over the back of your frame.  Starting at one corner, carefully remove the protective film over the 2nd side of your double sided tape.  Pull the plastic tight as you work your way around the frame.

How to Keep Tapestry CleanWhen you have secured the plastic all the way around, you can use a hand held hair dryer to shrink the plastic, if you would like.  Or just leave it as is, which I have done here.  With a sharp scissors, cut off excess plastic all the way around your frame.

How to Keep Needlepoint CleanCompleted project and one more thing you can mark off your "To Do List".  Also be proud that you found another use for an item you already had around the house.

Recycle and Reuse what we already have!

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