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Campfire Pies

Camping tips for creating delicious outdoor cooking recipes with pie irons.  Pack your pie irons when planning your next outdoor cooking adventure to enjoy around the campfire.  Use your imagination and create your own camping recipes for everyone in your group to enjoy.


Set your pie iron on a flat area around your campfire, or place on a table or flat surface, to prepare your food.  Make sure your campfire has burned down and you have hot coals to place your pie irons into.

 Pie Iron

You'll need two pieces of bread.  Butter one side of each slice of bread and put the butter side against the pie iron. I'm using Wheat Bread for my camping recipe. 

 Using Pie Irons

Place your filling on one of the slices of bread.  You don't need to fill the entire slice with your filling, as it will spread out once you place the two slices of bread together.  You can add cinnamon or other spices to your filling, if you desire!

 Apple Pie Iron

Close the pie iron handles together and lock in place.  Place the pie iron in the hot coals.  Depending on how hot your coals are and what you are cooking, it will only take a few minutes to heat your filling and brown the outside of your bread.  After a couple of minutes, pull the pie iron out of the coals and open to check if done.  If yes, remove to a plate or napkin and enjoy, or close the pie iron handles, lock and return to the coals for another minute or two.

Remember to use caution around the campfire and when using the pie irons.

 Using Pie Iron

Here I've used Homemade Apple Pie filling.  You can use any type of pie filling, fresh cut up fruit, coconut, nuts to create your delicious dessert.

Dessert Pie Irons

Here are a few ideas for fillings to get you started on your meal planning, as these can be used to make more than just desserts:

  • Pepperoni, Pizza Sauce and Cheese.
  • Browned Hamburger, Cheese and Pickles.
  • Diced Chicken, Green Peppers and Cheese.
  • Ham and Cheese.
  • Use your camp food left overs from previous meals, like scrambled eggs and cooked bacon.
  • Try Cooked Sausage and a fried egg.
  • Sliced Hot Dog and Chili.
  • Sugar and Cinnamon for a warm cinamon roll breakfast or snack.
  • Try Pumpernickel Bread and make a Rueben Sandwich.

These are easy and yummy recipes to please your camping group and get everyone involved in creating their own meals.


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