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Easy Money Saving Tips and Free Recipes for Better Living

Mara AndersonMoney saving tips for homemade ideas, family budgets, food tips, preservation and recycling ideas.  Many household items are multi-purpose, user friendly, natural ingredients that can bring new life, when you use your imagination and creativity.

This site is packed full of helpful information for people looking for lifestyle tips for better living .  Utilize what you have and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life.  Whether you are new to this concept or already enjoy a thrifty lifestyle – you’ll find helpful techniques on how to put money tips, lifestyle and savings into your daily routine.

Enjoy - Homemade Cleaning Recipes | Cooking Tips | Homemade Tips | Reusing | Green Living | and much more!

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Homemade Soap Sponge
Homemade Soap Sponge Here is a thrifty idea on how to Recycle and Reuse. You know how you end up with those soap slivers when your bar of soap is almost gone? Instead of throwing them away, continue to use them...
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Mulch and Compost with Vegetable Peelings
Mulch and Compost with Vegetable Peelings Here is a great tip from my friend Josh, for peeling vegetables onto newspaper and then use as mulch in your vegetable garden. This also makes for easy clean up in the kitchen and the vegetable peelings make great compost...

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Campfire Pies
Campfire Pies Camping tips for creating delicious outdoor cooking recipes with pie irons. Pack your pie irons when planning your next outdoor cooking adventure to enjoy around the campfire. Use your imagination and create your own camping recipes for everyone in your group to enjoy...
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Smore Varieties - Outdoor Cooking
Smore Varieties - Outdoor Cooking Outdoor Cooking and Camping Recipes for easy, delicious smores. Whenever I think about sitting around a campfire, the image of roasting marshmallows and making smores pops into my head, “yum”. Read on for Dessert Smores and Smore Varieties to enjoy on our next Outdoor Cooking Adventure…
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A Garden of Herbs
A Garden of Herbs Great herb gardening tips along with cooking tips, food and kitchen ideas for the dedicated cook. Use your organic kitchen and yard materials by recycling and reusing them to create a natural herb garden...
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Homemade Cleaning Recipes | Cooking Tips | Homemade Tips | Reusing Tips | Green Living Tips

Tip for Mixing Without the Mess

Here is a tip to eliminate a lot of the mess when whipping cream, or similar foods, with an electric beater:  Cut 2 small holes in the middle of a piece of waxed paper, then slip the stems of the beaters through the holes and attach the beaters to the mixing machine. Place paper and beaters over the bowl and whip as usual.
Household Tip: This method could also be used for mixing drywall mud. Instead of waxed paper, separate a large cereal box and cut one small hole for your mixer beater.

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Courtesy of Mara

How to get Ketchup out of the Bottle

Here is an easy tip on how to get ketchup out of the bottle. Insert a drinking straw through the bottle opening, then push the straw to the bottom of the bottle, and then remove. This admits enough air into the ketchup bottle to start an even flow of the ketchup.
This method works well for adults as well as kids. Give it a try the next time you are having difficulty removing ketchup from the bottle.

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Relieve Charley Horses with Tonic Water

Do you wake up at night to painful leg cramps? Tonic water contains quinine, which is known to help relieve leg cramps. Keep a bottle of tonic water on hand to drink, as needed. Drinking tonic water before you go to bed, can help prevent the painful cramps from affecting your restful sleep.  

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Keep Your Punch Cool

To keep your punch cool, float an ice ring made from the punch rather than using ice cubes. Not only is this more decorative, but it also limits melting and diluting. Use a jello mold to make your ice ring, or a muffin tin to make large round shaped punch cubes, or use whatever shaped mold you have available, to match your event theme. Let your creative ideas flow!

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How to Naturally Clean and Soften Hands

To clean and soften your hands naturally after working in the garden or yard, wash them with pure apple cider vinegar. Use the vinegar diluted or undiluted, depending on your personal preference.

Listing #41 posted in: Gardening Tips

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